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Since 2019 we have worked in over 20 schools every week delivering activity-based participation in partnership with Highland Council. Our aim is to ensure that all children can have the option of positive engagement through sport with our school programme.

For some of our schools we have partnered with local businesses who fund our work in addition to the incredible fundraising efforts by school staff to ensure our presence in their school setting.

We work with schools right across the Highland Council region and work with the teachers and educators to make sure that our programmes fit directly with their outcomes. Our programmes are always tailored to the requirements of the school on leadership, team-building, educational attendance & attainment and mental health

Here is some of the feedback:

“ The input we had with Ross County was invaluable. Working together as a team in a different environment was hugely beneficial, and really helped to build relationships between the children who had come together from two different classes. This newfound confidence has spilled over into the classroom with pupils better able to communicate effectively and find solutions more quickly when working in groups. These bonds promoted greater resilience across the class as a whole. The transferable skills they learn on the pitch are necessary for them in becoming valuable members of our school community and also the wider community moving forward”

Dingwall Primary

“Its great to see the children growing in confidence, skill and courage. Its really building their resilience. Thank you!”

Avoch Primary

 “As a class teacher I was very happy to see the class playing football safely together and achieving new skills. The children were encouraged to work as a team and try their best. Each session I could see development in their social skills and football skills. For many it was the highlight of their week. Ryan’s support with so many children who have additional support needs was also fantastic and no child was left out. Duncan Forbes can’t wait for Ross County to come back!”

Duncan Forbes Primary

“My Primary 6 class have thoroughly enjoyed their weekly sessions with Ryan and Lewis. They have a well structured lesson with fun warm ups, followed by ball skills and finally mini games of football. The coaches are firm and fair and have built up a rapport with the class through regular contact. After lockdown it is absolutely wonderful to have outside agencies coming in and teaching their skills to the children.”

Kirkhill Primary

“Ryan is enthusiastic and motivating with the children. His positive attitude is encouraging towards the children and sessions are fun and fast paced to keep their attention”

Beauly Primary

“Its great to have so many exciting games for the children to play and develop their gross motor skills through. All children have been so engaged and excited. It is great to see them listen and follow so many instructions. Craig is very enthusiastic and the children have thoroughly enjoyed their experience so far”

Ullapool Primary

“Since our partnership with RCFC many of the pupils involved have displayed more positive behaviour both in class and within the community. Working with Ryan Farquhar has proved to have a positive impact on our pupils.
The pupils clearly had respect for Ryan from the beginning of the sessions and they clearly continue to hold him in very high regard. Ryan has a great rapport with the pupils and carries out his role in a professional manner at all times. It is evident that the pupils not only wish to take part in the weekly sessions with Ryan, but they aim to please him with their improved behaviour which is all evidenced on their behaviour cards. The pupils themselves routinely check in with the management team. The group has organically whittled down to a smaller group of eight S2 and S3 boys. The pupils have definitely benefited in many ways through the RCFC initiative. Their confidence has grown due to positive comments from staff and some of them have made marked improvements to their attendance. This will all contribute towards raising attainment which is high on our agenda. It is worth noting that many of the pupils in the group attended our school hub during the second lockdown as they were at risk of not completing any school work. We really appreciate all that Ryan does for these pupils as they are now more engaged in school life.”

Inverness High School