The Ross County Foundation Logo

Background on the TRCF logo:

Local graphic designer Ryan McGinnis, who has worked alongside the club to develop the new visual identity for The Ross County Foundation, said:

“When the club approached me and set out their vision programme to support the local community, I was more than happy to donate my full fee to the charity and aid The Ross County Foundation with a quality full brand package.”

With the help of the committee, in particular General Manager Gordon Duff, I believe we have crafted a logo that all Ross County fans will happily put their support behind. We have created a brand that highlights the club’s efforts in delivering further change in the local area, and will now confidently take the foundation to the next level.”

The new Ross County Foundation logo makes primary use of the prominent stag mark, an iconic symbol of the football club as well as the Highlands and Islands. The antlers extend outwith the inner framing of the logo, representing the overlapping efforts of the club within the local area. The circular composition provides a sporting feel, whilst further highlighting the unity and togetherness of the foundation’s community ethos.

To see an extended look at the newly formed brand, click here ( You can also follow more of Ryan’s work online, at


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