We are delighted with the success of our Climate Challenge project and feel we have achieved what we set out to achieve with regards to our two key outcomes:

1 – Increased awareness through educating children about climate change

2- Increase physical activity

The Climate Challenge Programme targeted 10 funded schools through the Pebble Trust with an additional 4 schools being delivered and funded through The Ross County Foundation, these 4 schools will receive their Climate Challenge sessions after the Easter break

TRCF targeted primary schools within close proximity to the Pebble Trust with all schools delighted to be given the opportunity to take part. Over the 10 schools and 180 sessions we engaged with the following:

  • Classes = 30
  • Teachers & Pupil Support = 36
  • Pupils =649

Over the 6 weeks pupils learnt all about climate change, regarding problems we are facing to changes in our environment caused by our change in climate. A key message taught was about the ways in which our actions affect the environment we live in, participants were challenged to come up with ways in which they can help reduce these effects. The Ross County Foundation coaches discussed the following:

  • What is Climate Change?
  • Your Behaviour
  • Energy
  • Food & Recycling
  • Travel
  • Summary & Solutions

As well as designing climate themed football sessions on the following:

  • Dribbling
  • Small Sided Games
  • Passing
  • Fun Games
  • Shooting
  • Climate Cup Games

On top of our school activities we are also looking at the following:

  • Car Sharing

TRCF have put together a short questionnaire which was given out to all RCFC Children’s & Youth teams, which equals approximately 120 children and 20 coaches.  This includes some travelling from as far as Skye, Caithness, Aberdeen, Newtonmore as well as players who live in closer proximity to the club. After collating the information gathered from the questionnaire we have encouraged and are looking to put in place a car sharing scheme.

Information from questionnaire:

  • Out of the initial responses, 45 are already involved in some way of car sharing.
  • We also asked coaches and players to note down the distance they travel per week to get to training.

We have organised this into several groups:

  • Up to 100 miles – 38
  • 100-150 miles – 9
  • 150-200 – 5
  • More than 200 miles – 14

Further questionnaire will be carried out at the end of the season to look to continue in the new season.

  • Kit Recycling

All  players and parents have been made aware of our new kit recycling scheme where they are encouraged to drop of any unwanted match or training kit as well as old boots and any other sport wear they wish to recycle.  Any kit recycled will be offered to local teams or charities.



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